“Ballad for a pierced heart ” O.S.T. Vinyl Edition

Veego Records proudly presents exclusively on vinyl the soundtrack of Yiannis Economides new film «Ballad for a pierced Heart» composed by Jean-Michel Bernard. The riveting jazz noir of the French composer along with the provincial “gangster” style of the movie combined harmoniously expressing the vision of the director to create an atmosphere that brings up to mind «Ascenseur pour l'échafaud » of Miles Davis or the masterpiece of Quincy Jones «In Cold Blood». The release of «Ballad for a Pierced Heart» by Veego Records is an impulse, an instinctive need that was born , as the music score reminisce went of classic film scores while at the same time winked at the melodies of Kostas Kapnisis from Greek cinema of the 60’s. This kind of music manages to stand out from the quality of the vinyl as few.

Jean-Michel Bernard seals this work with his unique way with almost permanently whimsical playful style, either composes for comedy either for drama. The Director Yannis Economides quotes:
«The meeting with Jean-Michel was a revelation for me. An incredible man… an Artist created from this unique material , so rare for theses times. An exquisite creator and his music couldn’t be different. Jean Michel Bernard is his music and his music is Jean-Michel Bernard
The score of the movie «Ballad for a Pierced Heart» is out on limited Vinyl edition includes the poster of the film and is available at the online shop of Veego Records .

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