Reco(rd)mended Music

Vinyls that need to be loved in the way some of us started to love music. 

Veego Records is a recently-founded record label created to highlight and offer new and older record productions. Productions that proudly become part of our record collection but also which we look for in everyday life when we want to enjoy music. Criteria for our selection is the aesthetics (but also the feeling) as well as the admiration and respect that the creators / musicians inspire us.

Veego's priority is to publish and promote the artistic creation of musicians who stand out for their soul and passion, as points of reference, inspiration and self-determination in the specific period of their creative life.

Veego Records is recreating music through collectible reissues, bringing back older records that deserve to be listened to more carefully to gain the appreciation they deserve.


For Veego Records
Andreas Mitrelis