Thanasis Dzingovic was born in 1976 in Thesaloniki.
He studied electric guitar in modern music school of
In 2007 forms the band Super stereo and they release
release the LP "Super Gomena"
The Follow up "To Teras" in 2014 and "3" in 2018. He is
also a member of Tuflon and they released in
the spring of 2021 their debut album.
He works also as a producer based
Thessaloniki in the studio Stereo Vibe.
His resume also conatins collaboration with
Katerina Makavou, Anthi Kirkou, Giorgos Dimitriadis ,
Dimitri Baslam, Pavlos Pavlidis & the B movies (2008-2015)
And since 2015 plays
next to Giannis Haroulis.