Athens, Greece-based jazz ensemble “KEPLER IS FREE” make expansive music that straddles the line between '70s soul-jazz, alternative hip-hop, and experimental electronica.

The name of the band is inspired by a retired space telescope launched by NASA to discover Earth-size planets orbiting other stars. Named after astronomer Johannes Kepler, after nine years of operation they announced its retirement in 2018 leaving it orbiting in space, which is why the members of the band interpreted it as now “Free”.

Founded in November of 2018 by Sokratis Tsentoglou (drums), George Migdanis (electric guitar), Nikiforos Nugent (keyboards), Spyros Zardas (trumpet) and Vasilis Alexopoulos (bass guitar), came together from different musical backgrounds to create original material.

Communing over their shared love of jazz and hip-hop, they composed their debut album, titled “Teegarden”, based upon the music of GoGo Penguin, Badnadnotgood and Alfa Mist.

On June 1st the band released their first album 'Teegarden" on Limited edition Vinyl and all digital platforms by Veego Records.