Stavros Logaridis was born in 1953 in Instabul and used to follow his grandfather in church where he was a chanter and that became a big influence on his unique way of singing.The turkish psychedelic scene was also something that he carried and became the sound of Pollone of the greatest bands in Greece where he joined70 – ‘72At the age of 19, he formed the band Akritas, one an album under the same name. Today is considered one of the greatest and most important progressive rock albums of all time, on a global level. on a global level.   From 1972 1972 until 2007 2007conducts, records, produces and travels, non-stop. He creates music for movies and TV Showsreleases personal albums both locally and worldwide and works with the most famous Greek artists. .   He chooses a life away from the limelightwithout making many live appearances. Extremely creative and productive, with a rare musical perception, without blinders in relation to his rock & roll youth. Logaridis could move comfortably between electronic music, psychedelia, film scores up to pop and world, folk and ‘Laiko’ music.. To this day he remains one of the most progressive musicians of his generation, living and creating on his own terms.  Stavros Logaridis is one of the most important creators of modern Greek music, an irreconcilable rock hero with an incalculable influence on the country's musical heritage.