Melentini studied the piano and theory from a very early age. She graduated from the Conservatory and worked in education as a music teacher. After attending the Philosophical School of Athens she decided to drop her archaeological studies while she was performing in theater as a stage musician and actress.

She wrote and arranged music for an original theater play by Athina Pappa, with the title Detective Story, for the first time in 2008 , where she would appear on stage with a live band. At the same time she was involved with different underground music bands in Athens as a singer and trumpet player.

Later she focused on writing and composing music for herself and started performing in various places and cities with her band, the Running Blue orchestra. In 2014 she moved to Berlin to explore new forms of the live arts. Since then she has been collaborating with established artists from different musical backgrounds.

Most of her movie soundtracks have been created between the two cities. Melentini has produced and released 3 more studio albums so far: “Explosions arounds, the Desert inside-Lp”, Λεωφόρος Εφιαλτών-digital Ep, “ZRSHA; fundus Uterus”-Lp.